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Survivor Power Rankings–Chris Daugherty revisited? May 7, 2008

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I’ve heard that Erik is arguably the biggest Survivor fan ever.  If that’s true, he may be inspired by Chris Daugherty of Survivor Vanuatu.  He was the last man standing against an alliance of 6 women.  He beat the seemingly insurmountable odds, outlasted them all and became the sole survivor.  If Chris can win against six women, maybe Erik can win against five.  Against such a shrewd, cut-throat bunch like this it’s hard to be optimistic, but in this year of the blindside, anything is possible. 

  1. Cirie-I think her only competition in a final three vote would come from Amanda, so look for her to break up that final three alliance soon.  She’s doing a masterful job of calling the shots in the game without putting a target on her back.
  2. Amanda-To paraphrase Jeff Probst at last week’s tribal council….Amanda is a lock to win a vote if she gets to the final three.  That’s the good news and the bad news.
  3. Parvati-In a game full of deceit and blindsides, she and Amanda have the one true friendship left.  That may get her to the final three, but I can’t see her winning the million dollar vote.
  4. Natalie-If Erik wins immunity again, Natalie could be in big trouble.  It’s no secret that Amanda and Parvati would like her out of the game.  On the other hand, she’s the kind of person Cirie would compete against in challenges and in the final three vote.
  5. Erik-The only easy part of this week’s rankings is putting Erik last, seeing as he’s the last man standing.  There is hope for Erik surviving to the final three, however, as he just might end up being the swing vote.  If that doesn’t work, it wouldn’t shock me to see him get to the final three via the immunity necklace.  

Who will be knocked out Thursday night?  Who will prevail on Sunday’s finale?  Tune in later this week for another round of power rankings, previews and recaps!  May the tribe speak clearly to you!


What if Trump let OJ on Celebrity Apprentice? May 7, 2008

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According to recent sources, Donald Trump is no longer considering letting OJ Simpson compete on the next Celebrity Apprentice series.  However, I can’t help but wonder how that boardroom session might go. 

Fade in to Donald Trump’s boardroom.  An agitated Donald Trump, joined by his daughter Ivanka and guest executive Lance Ito, are looking at their watches and waiting for a late OJ to arrive.   

Trump:  Where is OJ, anyway?   

Ivanka:  Yeah….if there’s anyone used to a timeline, it should be OJ. 

Focus on the boardroom entrance.  The doors open and OJ emerges, running in slow motion over some suitcases that were left lying between the doors and the table. 

Trump:  Where were you, OJ?  You know I hate it when my employees are late! 

OJ:  Sorry, Mr. Trump.  I had to change my clothes at the last minute, and I had AC drive me here in the Bronco.  You know how slow he can drive. 

Trump:  I don’t want to hear any more, OJ.  I’m not impressed.  Speaking of “not impressed”, I have the results from the latest task.  OJ, they’re not good. 

OJ:  Not good for the other team, you mean. 

Trump:  No, not good for you.  Ivanka, tell them how they did. 

Ivanka:  Hydra raised $27,500 during the last challenge, while Empresario raised $27. 

Trump:  $27, OJ!  That’s less than what you’ve paid to the Goldmans!  You were the project manager, Juice….what happened? 

OJ:  Mr. Trump, the task wasn’t exactly one of my strengths. 

Ivanka:  You were selling sports memorabilia!  You are a hall of fame football player!  And you lost to Richard Simmons and LaToya Jackson! 

OJ:  Hey, who cares about the challenge.  Let’s say you and me get together after the show, beautiful. 

Trump:  Not a chance, OJ.  I’ve seen how you treat beautiful blonde women.  Now tell me, as the project manager, how did you manage to lose this challenge. 

OJ:  Simply put, Mr. Trump, Hydra stole some of my memorabilia and stored it at their hotel. 

Simmons:  That’s not true!  But you and your team did bust into our room fully armed and try to steal all of the stuff we collected!  Mr. Trump, do you have any idea how scary it is to be held at gunpoint by OJ, Vanilla Ice and Gary Coleman? 

Trump:  Yes, it’s very traumatizing.  Now stop crying, Richard.  OJ, is this true? 

OJ:  It is not true, Mr. Trump, but if I did it….. 

Trump:  Come on, OJ, all you’re doing is convincing everyone that you’re guilty.  I’ve gotta say, OJ, you’re really behind the 8-ball here.  You have a task that’s tailor-made for you, you get throttled, and you break at least three laws.  I don’t think that even the dream team could get you off the hook this time. 

OJ:  Hey, if you can’t prove I’m a liar, then you just can’t fire. 

Trump:  That rhyming crap may work on juries in LA, OJ, but it doesn’t fly here.  Do we look like Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden to you, OJ?  No-you’re up against real competition this time!  Johnny Cochran is dead, and so are your chances of winning this game.  OJ, you’re fired. 

OJ:  Do you know who I am, Mr. Trump??!! 

Trump:  I have a really good idea, OJ!  Go!  Get out!  Go find the real killers, or make another Naked Gun movie or something!  (to Ito) Now that’s how you dish out justice, your honor! 

As the theme music plays, a slo-mo shot of OJ walking toward the limousine is shown.  The driver, standing outside the car, sees OJ coming and issues him a subpoena before taking off, leaving OJ standing dumbfounded on the sidewalk.






Survivor Micronesia Recap–Guest Blogger Paula Abdul! May 2, 2008

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Hi, I’m Paula Abdul from American Idol.  I’m excited to be today’s guest blogger and tell you all about last night’s episode of Survivor.  It was a great episode, which started with the final three back at camp after that tie-breaker at tribal council that resulted in Ozzy being put back in the game.  

Um…Paula?  Last night there were seven people left.  The show hasn’t even reached the final three yet.

What are you saying?

You can’t comment on things that haven’t even happened yet.  And you may want to work on your blogging.  It’s kind of pitchy, dawg.

It’s kind of what?

Yeah, I don’t understand what it means either.  I just had an overwhelming urge to say it.  Just stick to last night’s show, okay?

Okay.  The injuries continued to mount, with James’ finger getting infected and Alexis hurting her knee really badly during a fall.  First Chet hurts his heel, then Jonathan’ leg gets infected, now it’s James and Alexis.  Not that I’m suggesting anything, but Cirie is a nurse, right?  I guess these injuries are nothing compared to what happened to Parvati in the final four immunity challenge.

Paula, you’re doing it again!  Are you sure that’s just water you’re drinking there?

Sorry.  Anyway, Mark Burnett dusted off an old classic for the reward challenge.  The Survivors had to answer questions to see how well they knew their opponents.  Stuff like…who does the most work around camp, who never shuts up, who thinks their in control of the game when they aren’t…you get the idea.  If you get a question right, you got to take one strike at another person’s “statue”.  Three strikes and the statue is gone, as is that Survivor in the challenge.  But wait!  Heeeeeere come the loved ones!  Hugs and kisses all around!  May I just say that Natalie’s mother’s name is Rocky.  After watching Natalie last week that just makes sense to me on so many levels.  Anyway, Alexis won and took Cirie and Natalie (& their loved ones, of course) for a swim in Jellyfish Lake.  How fitting–in about 30 minutes Alexis would be swimming with the fishes again.

Paula!  Don’t make me get cold hearted on you!

Sorry.   Anyway, Alexis had to pick someone to go to Exile Island, where another immunity idol was in play.  She saw Amanda asking to go, so she obliged.  Big mistake.  Huge.  Amanda went to the island and found out that the idol was……buried back at camp under their flag.  Great.  Meanwhile, on a sad note, James was medically discharged from the game since his finger was just too infected for him to continue.  Damn.  I didn’t think he would win, but James is just so darn likeable.  You just hate to see anything bad happen to him.  Now don’t read anything into that “likeable” comment, folks.  You may hear some things in the media after the show about me and James hooking up, but it’s not true…..much.  We’re just friends…..mostly.

Paula, we don’t have time for your PR stunts.  Rush, rush!

If you didn’t watch any of this series and jumped in at the beginning of the immunity challenge, it would take you about 2 seconds to figure out who was in the alliance and who was on the outs.  The Survivors had high-powered rifles and had to hit one of their three sake bottles hanging on a wall.  The first to get all three would win immunity.  There you go, Cirie…a non-physical challenge that anyone can win.  Enough obsessing with the physical threats, already.  Cheering and clapping were all over the place when one of the women hit their bottle.  The buzz you heard when Erik hit one of his bottles was less than for my Head over Heels album.  The women made it painfully clear…they didn’t want to be forever his girl.  There it was–a non-physical immunity challenge and the girls blew it.  Erik won immunity, and the girls would have to eat one of their own.

It didn’t take long for Amanda to realize that she was the target, since the others saw her as unbeatable in a vote with the final three.  Her only chance?  Find that idol.  She was literally digging for her life under the tribe flag when the scene cut to tribal council, otherwise known as Amanda’s funeral. 

There she was, washed up, everyone saying that they loved her but it was time to go.  They were holding her hand.  They were sympathetic.  But as the eulogy dragged on, you started to suspect it.  You sensed it.  Then, you knew it.  Amanda dragged out the immunity idol, much to the jury’s delight.  If there was any doubt how Amanda would do in a jury vote, their jubilant reaction told the tale.  

A quick count at this time–number of immunity idols successfully played by men in this game….0 out of 2.  Number of immunity idols successfully played by women in this game….1 out of 1.  Is there any doubt that a woman really deserves to win this time out?

Amanda looked dead, then magically came back to life.  She was an afterthought, then was thrust back into the spotlight.  Kind of like my career, except Amanda had an immunity idol while I had Simon Cowell.

Well, that’s it for me.  Stay tuned next week for a recap of next year’s Survivor, which will be held in…..

Paula!  Just say “may the tribe speak clearly to you”!

May the tribe speak clearly to you! 


Survivor Micronesia Preview–A Bold Prediction. May 1, 2008

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Making a prediction about Survivor this season is much like predicting which actress under 30 years old will be the next to embarrass herself, and how.  It’s quite simply anybody’s guess.  Being someone who is used to being wrong (I am a married man, after all), however, I’ll give it a shot.  This week, a woman will be voted off of the show.   

There are really no bad predictions on this season of Survivor, which changes more often than Van Halen’s lead singer.  That being said, I can understand your scepticism.  There are two all-girl alliances.  The guys are outnumbered and look to be on their way out (and not a moment too soon for man-hater Natalie).  Even if James or Erik find the immunity idol, they won’t actually play it.  All good points, but any good blogger can back up his/her predictions.  With a little help from CBS.com, so can I. 

The preview for next week’s show says that on Thursday someone will go from a power player to being the most desperate player.  There is no such thing as a male power player, so it’s got to be one of the women.  My money is on Parvati, especially if James has anything to say about it.  Would Cirie and Amanda break up their final-three alliance, though? 

Two more Survivors’ games are threatened because of injuries.  Boy, it’s about time we had an injury force someone out of Survivor.  It’s been what—4 whole weeks since the last time it happened?  If people aren’t getting stabbed in the back in this game they’re getting stabbed in the knee, or the finger, or somewhere else on their body.  One of the injuries has got to be James’ finger.  Odds are that the other injury is to a female, as Erik is the only male other than James left in the game.  Maybe Natalie chokes on one of the guy’s jugular veins she said she uses to floss her teeth. 

The preview also says that there are more shocks to come.  To me, a shocker would be a guy finding the immunity idol and actually playing it.  The way it looks, the guys are just sitting ducks.  If there’s a shocker coming, I would think it’s a female being voted out first.  Perhaps Natalie or Cirie? 

The constant mayhem, back stabbing and unpredictability makes predictions almost impossible.  It also makes for arguably the best season of Survivor ever.  Tune in later this week and read my recap, to find out how wrong my prediction is!  May the tribe speak clearly to you!

Survivor Micronesia Power Rankings–Girl Power! April 30, 2008

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I have to apologize for not posting a recap of last week’s action.  I had the computer in my possession but Natalie convinced me that I didn’t need to use it, so I left it at home.  Boy, do I feel silly now!  Seriously, I’m sorry I haven’t posted on Survivor in the last few days.  I just had one of those crazy-busy weeks that unfortunately put the blog on the back-burner.  I’m back now, though, with another round of power rankings: 

  1. Cirie-In an unpredictable game, one thing has remained constant.  Cirie has played a very smart game, stirred up a ton of trouble and kept quiet in the process.  If its possible to control the game and fly under the radar at the same time, she’s doing it. 
  2. Amanda-She was loyal to Ozzy, but Parvati and Cirie are loyal to her.  She’s in an interesting spot right now-she is on good terms with the two remaining men in the tribe.  Might they get together to blindside one of the girls?  She’s got to know the guys are more trustworthy.
  3. Alexis-The good news?  She’s in the “all girl” alliance of 5.  The bad news?  She’s not in the “all girl” alliance of 3.  She and Natalie should look ahead and take out Cirie, Amanda or Parvati before they’re doomed to finish 4th and 5th, but I don’t think she’s smart enough to do that.
  4. Natalie-The same situation as Alexis, with one difference.  Even if she figures out that Cirie, Amanda and Parvati will get rid of her right after the guys are gone, her obvious man hatred will blind her to the logic of getting rid of “the big 3” first.
  5. Parvati-Yes, she’s in an alliance with Amanda and Cirie, but she’s so untrustworthy right now she may have made herself a target.  The CBS preview says that one person in a power position suddenly finds him/herself fighting for their life.  Could it be Parvati?
  6. Erik-Why is he this low in the power rankings?  Simple.  He’s a guy.  The way this season has been going you can’t count anybody out, but his gender has him on the outside looking in right now.
  7. James-He’s in the same boat as Erik, but he’s a bigger target since he’s such a physical threat.  On top of that, I don’t think he’s bright enough to realize he could get Amanda and Erik together in an attempt to blindside one of the other girls.  

Which guy will decide not to use the immunity idol this week  person will be voted out of the game this week?  Stay tuned for another round of previews and recaps!  May the tribe speak clearly to you!


The Bachelor recap–Confessions of a Sea Turtle. April 29, 2008

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I’m confused, hurt and heartbroken. Someone needs to explain why I didn’t get a rose last week. Shayne and Chelsea are the final two while Amanda and I were kicked to the curb. Who am I? I’m the turtle you saw Matt swam with in Barbados on Monday night. I think I deserve a rose more than the other three.

Shayne had her one on one date first, a jet skiing trip followed by an intimate dinner. Why do I deserve a rose more than Shayne? Although my brain is about the size of a walnut, it’s bigger than Shayne’s. Don’t believe me? Look at their dinner conversation. Matt decided to see if she was more than just a pretty face. He tried to talk about US politics with her and she had nothing to say. She told the camera that she “didn’t have to prove anything to anybody”. Translation? “I don’t know anything about US politics, I think Barack is that actor who used to be a wrestler and I don’t want to look like an airhead in front of Matt”. Sure, there’s chemistry between Shayne and Matt, but is there any substance?

Amanda met Matt for some zip-lining through the jungle. How sweet—they’re both afraid of heights and went out to conquer their fear together! If Matt stayed with me he wouldn’t have to tackle his fear of heights. Turtles don’t have a great vertical leap, after all. During their date I was afraid I heard a dolphin in pain. But then I realized it was just Amanda meeping her way down the zip line. Quick question, Matt—do you know what sound a turtle makes? That’s right! None! When you compare me to Amanda and her meeps, I think you would agree that silence is golden!

Then came the date with Chelsea, the most painful of all. They went out snorkelling and Chelsea showed Matt all the warmth and sensitivity of a Coke machine. She wouldn’t even hold the guy’s hand! Frustrated with the lack of enthusiasm from Chelsea, Matt turned to me. He dove into the water and the magic happened. We met, and we gazed into each other’s eyes. We swam together. I let him touch me. I came out of my shell for him. Our one on one time was brief, but I gave Matt more attention and affection than Chelsea has for the entire show. If you’re going to kick Noelle to the curb because she didn’t open up to you, what about Chelsea? Okay, okay….she did explain how hard it was for her to open up to Matt when he’s dating 24 other girls, and I get that. But what does she have that I don’t have, besides that negligee she modeled for him in the fantasy suite after dinner?

At the rose ceremony, you gave roses to airhead Shayne who may or may not be in this for career purposes, and to Chelsea, a woman who has shown you less affection than Michael Vick showed to his dogs. Amanda was visibly mad after being eliminated, and I can’t say I blame her (isn’t it ironic that as cold as she was toward him after the ceremony, she was still warmer than Chelsea). But I feel cheated as well. I must admit I’m green with envy. I let you into my world, Matt. I know I’ll want to take things slow but hey, I’m a turtle. I know I have a hard exterior but I’m much softer on the inside. Good luck taking Shayne and Chelsea to London to meet your folks, Matt. I know I’m just a turtle in Barbados, but you don’t know what you’re missing!

Tune in next week for another round of previews and recaps. Until then, make sure you stop and smell the roses! Enjoy!

Survivor Micronesia Preview–Who is the Black Widow? April 23, 2008

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There is a Black Widow among the remaining Survivors, according to the CBS website (pardon the pun).  It makes me wonder, who among the 8 players is portraying the 8-legged predator (there’s a coincidence to satisfy the Oliver Stone in you!)?  I decided to do some research on black widow spiders to see if I could get an idea.  Here’s what I found out: 

Only the female Black Widow is dangerous to humans; males and juveniles are harmless.

Wait a minute–only the females are dangerous?  Males and juveniles aren’t?  After Joel, Mikey B and Ozzy were blindsided by the women in the game, I had absolutely no idea!  So you can eliminate James, Erik and Jason from the list of suspects.  One other question-males and juveniles?  Aren’t these two synonymous with each other? 

Female black widow spiders occasionally mate with a male victim before killing and eating them.

Let’s see-Parvati and James have been flirting since day one, and the way Parvati has been playing the game I wouldn’t put it past her to betray him.  If she does, however, James would get one heck of a consolation prize before the tribe speaks!    

Black Widow is considered the most venomous spider in North America.

This clearly would be Cirie.  I can see a really cutthroat side to her that I never saw in Panama.  If there is one person pulling the strings on Dabu beach, it’s her.  That probably means, of course, that she’s the next to be blindsided right out of the game.

Black Widow spiders are not usually deadly, especially to adults, because they inject only a small amount of venom. Bites can range from mild to quite painful.

This clue leads me to suspect Natalie.  Yeah, she’s scheming along with the rest of the group but she’s been more of a role player than a power player.  Her votes could range from mild to quite painful, but she’s not deadly.

The female Black Widow hangs belly upward and rarely leaves the web.

There are no nets to speak of on Dabu beach, but Alexis has been lying on her back and rarely leaving the shelter lately, so maybe this is a clue that she’s the black widow.

The Black Widow is also called the “hourglass” spider.

Well, Amanda is the beauty pageant contestant, and I’m sure Ozzy can vouch for her figure.  After her man was unceremoniously ousted, she may well be working on a blindside of her own (read: Parvati and Cirie).

So who do you think is the black widow?  Who will get blindsided this week?  Tune in again Friday for a recap of this week’s episode!  May the tribe speak clearly to you!

The Bachelor Review–The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. April 23, 2008

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I know from personal experience that meeting a girl’s parents for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience, and it never goes completely smoothly.  There’s always a little good, a little bad and a little ugly.  Matt is no exception, except the fact that the poor man had to go through it 4 times (5, if you count Amanda’s prank) in under an hour on national TV.  Here’s a summary of how he fared in each visit:


  • The good-Matt met Lorenzo Lamas first, and he asked the question I’ve been wondering for months-is aspiring actress Shayne interested in Matt or the TV camera?  I was so impressed I almost went out and bought the entire Renegade series on DVD.  Almost.  Of course Shayne said that she was there only for Matt, but I still think the question lingers in Matt’s mind.  You know that Shayne has a shot when Matt calls her “monkey” as he leaves for date number two.  
  • The bad-First, Shayne’s father’s last name is pronounced “LAH-mas”. “LAAAAAAHHHHHH-mas“.  It shouldn’t take 50 tries to get it right, Matt.  Second, dressing household pets is a big-time pet peeve of mine (pardon the pun).  A dog that looks like a rat on steroids dressed in a pink tutu is not a good way to impress your man.  Unless, maybe, your man is Richard Simmons.  Third, Matt should have it written in the pre-nup that he gets final say on the home décor.  Shayne’s house has so many leopard skins I think I saw PETA protesting outside her house.       
  • The ugly-It’s commonly believed that you can get an idea of what a young woman will look like in about 30 years by looking at her mother.  If that’s true in Shayne’s case, there’s no way Matt’s proposing to her.  Yikes!  Her makeup was inspired by Tammy Faye Bakker and she has more silicone than Hewlett-Packard!   


  • The good-She and Shayne were the only two to get a term of endearment from Matt at the end of the night.  Shayne is “monkey”, and Chelsea is “honey”.  Excuse me while I go brush my teeth before I continue.  That skimpy little old western outfit Chelsea wore for him at their photo shoot in town was not only good for Matt, but for every heterosexual male watching at home!             
  • The bad-While saying goodnight at the end of the night, Matt called Chelsea’s dad “Kerry”.  He may have told Matt off-camera that was okay, but I know most fathers aren’t cool with being on a first name basis with their daughter’s husband, let alone her new boyfriend.  
  • The ugly-Again, it’s the problem with the whole public displays of affection thing.  It obviously bothers Matt, who talked to Chelsea’s mom about it.  She was right when she said that it’s hard for Chelsea to open up to a man dating 25 women at a time on national television, but I think Chelsea’s destiny is to finish third in this competition.  


  • The good-Amanda played a prank on Matt, hiring actors to play her parents.  “Dad” was an insensitive drunk while “Mom” was loud, overly-friendly and hit on Matt big time.  It may have been a bit of a risk for Amanda, but I think it paid off.  Even if it didn’t, it was fun to watch Matt sweat like Wesley Snipes at a tax audit.    
  • The bad-Because of the prank, Amanda did not have a lot of one-on-one time with Matt.  I think Matt likes her to the point where she can get away with that, however.  
  • The ugly-Matt has concerns about Chelsea and Noelle refusing to open up to him.  If that’s his criteria for selecting a bride, Matt may just cut both Chelsea and Noelle.  We may just see the actress who came onto Matt during the prank get a rose along with Shayne and Amanda.  


  • The good-The thing that Noelle needed more than anything is one on one time with Matt, where she can continue to open up to Matt and prove that she’s truly into him (read: smother him with kisses).  She got that in spades this week.  
  • The bad-Two really bad omens for Noelle and Matt’s relationship.  First, during the couple’s dramatic entrance on horseback, Noelle was very comfortable and her horse was eager to move forward.  Matt was very uncomfortable and his horse stopped dead in its tracks.  Second, as Noelle’s father pointed out, their dinner looked an awful lot like The Last Supper.  
  • The ugly-Noelle had her “dream of marrying an English gentleman dashed forever” (the ABC hyperbole machine hard at work again).  Matt explained that she was too late in opening up to him (read: she didn’t put out enough), and she seemed to know it as they talked after the rose ceremony.  Sadly, she missed a trip to Barbados by thaaaaaaat much.    

So, next week Matt and his harem are off to Barbados.  Stay tuned next week for another round of power rankings and recaps.  Until then, be sure to stop and smell the roses!  Enjoy!

Survivor Micronesia Power Rankings–With Help from Sean Kenniff April 22, 2008

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All of the blindsiding, blunders and dissolved alliances are making this a great season of Survivor.  The bad news, selfishly, is that it makes the Power Rankings almost impossible to do correctly.  If you want me to come out and say it, all right….I have no idea.  I write these posts every week and have no clue who’s running the show, who’s in a power position or who (if anyone) can be trusted. 

Sean Kenniff was just as clueless on the first Survivor in Borneo.  He had no idea who to trust, who was lying to him or who to vote for.  Did Sean give up, though?  No!  He had a plan!  He would just vote people out in alphabetical order.  With that in mind, and because I’m just as confused now as Sean was then, I’ve used Sean’s system to compile this week’s power rankings…..probably with similar results.

  1. Alexis-It seems like the minute someone looks like they’re in a position of strength, they’re blindsided.  Just ask Joel, Mikey B and Ozzy.  If that is the logic they’re using at tribal council, Alexis’ inactivity throughout this game may make her a millionaire.
  2. Amanda-Both in China and Micronesia, she’s been aligned with the power player in the game.  In China, she blindsided the guy with the immunity idol.  In Micronesia, she was blindsided right along with Ozzy.  I’ve always thought that Amanda was a smart player, but I’m starting to re-think that. 
  3. Cirie-If there is anyone truly running the game, I think it’s Cirie.  What that means, of course, is that she’s the most likely candidate to get blindsided next.
  4. Erik-He’s the one fan who has successfully gained some friends among the favourites.  If Parvati or Cirie are truly with him, Amanda and James, he could go a long way.
  5. James-If Ozzy was voted out because he was a physical threat, what does that mean for James?  The poor guy can’t even trust his own girlfriend anymore.
  6. Jason-He’s probably the #1 threat to win any challenge now, but he’s short on both friends and intellect.  Just how many lives does he have, anyway?
  7. Natalie-It’s appropriate that the alphabet puts her this low on the rankings.  She’s my pick in the office pool, which jinxes her immediately.  Also-she’s pushing for the “girl power” alliance to happen, and I’m not sure that’s going to fly.
  8. Parvati-This one may actually be correct.  The Ozzy blindside showed everyone that she’s playing all sides and can’t be trusted.  Can she sweet-talk James into forgiving her?  Will James, now in an alliance with only 2 others, have any other choice other than to take her back?  

Just how wrong will these rankings prove to be?  Tune in later in the week for another round of previews and recaps!  May the tribe speak clearly to you!

Big Brother Preview–It’s All About the POV. April 22, 2008

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Keeping with the theme that the Big Brother house is quickly turning into Bizarro World, we’ve reached a point in the game where Head of Household isn’t necessarily the most powerful position in the game.  Sure, your safety for the week is guaranteed, but it’s the person who wins POV this week that will really be running the show.  Ryan got to nominate the two houseguests for eviction, but that’s where his power ends. 

On Sunday there was a lot less anxiety than usual about being put on the block.  That’s because it doesn’t really matter.  Sheila and Sharon wound up being nominated for eviction by Ryan, leaving Adam off the hook for now.  As Adam said, however, he still isn’t safe.  Everything is still up in the air until the POV is awarded. 

If Sheila wins it, she takes herself off the block.  There is only Adam available to go up in her place.  Then Sheila, the POV winner, would have the fate of the game in her older, gossip-mongering little hands.  I would think that she would stay loyal to Adam and that Sharon would be gone. 

If Sharon wins, it’s the same thing-she’s off the block, and Adam’s up for eviction.  Sharon would then have all the power and would almost certainly vote Adam out of the house.   

If Adam wins, the girls stay on the block and the power stays with him.  Sheila is very beatable in the competitions and would be easier to beat in a final-two vote.  Not only that, but Sheila and Adam are allies in the house.  All that, plus Sharon’s guaranteed 3 votes in the jury already, would spell the end of Sharon’s end. 

If Ryan wins, all bets are off.  He has his secret relationship with Sharon, a less-than-secret friendship with Adam and he’s cool with Sheila.  Ryan has proven time and time again that he will railroad whomever necessary to get further in the game. 

To put it another way—to stay in it, you better win it.   

Whos dream of reaching the final three will be unceremoniously crushed?  Tune in later this week for a recap of this week’s action!  Enjoy!