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Big Brother 9 review–10 New Commandments April 3, 2008

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It looks right now that Adam, Natalie, Sheila and Ryan have formed a group they like to call the Jesus Alliance.  After watching the shows this week I think they need another 10 Commandments.


  1. Thou shalt beat James in the POV competition.  After all the drama surrounding James being a dead man walking, he went out and won POV for the third week in a row.  This is mostly thanks to Ryan, a man I don’t want to go to a casino with any time soon.  The POV competition was just like that game where you have to guess how many jellybeans are in the jar.  There was a new game in every round of the challenge, in which you would get a point if your guess was the closest.  If you were not the closest, you were out of the competition.  You could also fold, which meant you were out of the round but not the game.  It came down to James, Sheila and Ryan.  Sheila’s performance in past challenges made me automatically narrow the field to James and Ryan.  If you saw Ryan playing 21 a few weeks ago, you can guess what happened.  He folded twice when he should have stayed in and taken James out of the competition.  Then, when he finally did stay in, he lost the POV to James, who is now on life 5 of his 9.  Kudos to James for using his head and folding for the first few rounds, letting the other 5 competitors knock each other out.  Still wondering why you can’t get rid of James, houseguests?
  2. Thou shalt not tell any of thy secrets to Sheila.  I owe Natalie an apology.  In previous posts I’ve portrayed her as less than intelligent.  While Joshuah was serving up Sharon’s head on a silver platter to Ryan and Natalie, she showed me she does have some grey matter.  She told the guys that whatever they plan, they cannot tell Sheila.  Did you feel as good as I did when she said that?  She’s learned that Sheila can hold a secret like a collander can hold water.  Either Natalie’s getting smarter or she’s reading my blog.  Either way, I like her.
  3. Thou shalt not be a gossip monger.  What’s going to get Sheila evicted–her big mouth or her addiction to drama?  She gave James, vulnerable and alone in the house, a pep talk heading into the POV competition.  James appreciated this.  He actually started to think of Sheila as a friend.  But Sheila just couldn’t help herself.  She told everyone else in the house she wanted James evicted.  Even when she was told that James was within earshot, she just couldn’t help herself.  James proceeded to rip into her, and rightfully so.  Sheila, you had a friendship developing with James.  Why would you mess with that?  Now, the first chance the most vindictive and intense player gets, who do you think he’s going to target?  It’s the first rule of reality TV–don’t let your mouth get the rest of you in trouble.  Have fun on the jury, Sheila.
  4. Thou shalt not trust Joshuah, ever.  After Joshuah stopped crying, he decided it was time to betray Sharon, his partner, friend and alliance-mate.  I’m not going to be too hard on Joshuah-it’s either him or Sharon going home and you can’t blame him for wanting to win.  He’s probably wishing it was anyone else, but Sharon it is.  His secret alliance with Ryan is paying off here-Ryan convinced James to vote for Sharon to force the tie, and then convinced Natalie to break the tie by voting Sharon out.  A smart plan by a smart player, but if it goes through all bets are off on the alliance front.
  5. Thou shalt not wear underwear like James’ on national TV.  I know you were in a bad place, but that small, black speedo-esque underwear is not something I need to see you wearing.
  6. Men shalt not cry in the Big Brother house.  That’s one heck of a legacy Matt left for the rest of the house.  I guess it’s now mandatory that any grown man nominated for eviction to cry like a Patriots fan after the Super Bowl.  The Tom Hanks line is so cliche and predictable, but forgive me–it fits so well here….there’s no crying in Big Brother!
  7. Thou shalt use Sharon as a pawn whenever POV doesn’t go your way.  She’s like the independent candidate in an election–she’s always on the ballot, but there’s no way she’s going to get more votes than the other guy.
  8. Thou shalt remember that Ryan is a snake.  Let’s see….keep your relationship with Jen a secret from everyone?  Check.  Throw your partner under the bus when you were nominated for eviction?  Check.  Take $10,000 from Sheila?  Check.  Betray James and get him evicted?  Check.  Chew out Sharon and threaten her with eviction?  Check.  Promise Joshuah, your friend, that you’ll save his skin this week by voting for Sharon, only to go back on your word and get Joshuah evicted?  Check.
  9. Thou shalt be nice to Adam.  Not only is the the head of household again, but I think he’s smarter than people give him credit for.  Shortly after the girls secretly vowed to stay together against the guys, Adam came on camera and said that the girls were probably going to gang up on the guys now.  There’s a guy with his finger on the pulse of the game.
  10. Thou shalt read this blog next week for another round of power rankings and updates.


1. MISSY - April 24, 2008

Big Brother is a bigger snake. They should have thought about who was left before making the final HOH contest. Put a 46 year old woman up against 2 strong young men in the Up A Creek Without A Paddle competition was simply setting her up to loose. Sheila should have had a chance as much as the other two. GO ADAM WIN ALL THE MONEY. I HOPE BIG BROTHER MAKES GOOD OF THAT WRONG BY GIVING SHIELA A PRIZE FOR SHORT CHANGING HER. WITHOUT WINNING ANY OF THE DUMB CHALLANGES (AND MOST OF THEM WERE SIMPLY STUPID THIS SEASON), SHE GOT TO THE FINAL 3 WHERE SHE WAS LEFT OUT IN THE COLD W/OUT A PADDLE FOR SURE. SHIELA MAY NOT HAVE WON BUT 1 CHALLANGE BUT SHE WAS BY FAR THE BEST PLAYER IN THE GAME.

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